Invest with your heart

Investing brings profits. Investing in MyResorts adds joy

Become a member of a family of investors in the luxury mountain apartments MyResorts and help create exceptional places where you will want to forget the passage of time.

By investing in an apartment you acquire a unique place for recreation, with a high value appreciation.

When you are not using the apartment, MyResorts takes care of rentals and required maintenance, ensuring that your property remains safe and your investment brings the maximum possible return.

You will own a lucrative, completely serviced property

And at any time you can use it as if you visited a luxury hotel, including all available services. No cleaning, no maintenance. Just relax and let yourself be pampered.

Apartment rental in round-the-year attractive locations

MyResorts provides investors with a complete range of hotel operator and manager services. You can rent out your apartment when you are not using it. We will take care of everything that is needed, to get the most of your investment.

You will invest in a safe business

Investing in real estate means security. The apartments and aparthotels we manage are distinguished by their first-class architecture, built with comfort of the guests in mind, and always offer something extra. All this contributes to a high return on investment.

Simply relax,
all the rest is our concern.

Are you interested in buying an investment apartment? Leave us your contact and we will be happy to present you with the current offer