Lesní stráně aparthotel

An oasis of peace with unique forest wellness

With this project we seize a unique opportunity to build a modern mountain facility in the middle of a protected nature area of Jeseníky Mountains which has a strict building regulation.

On the site of a former recreation center, we are planning a new aparthotel, the first of its kind in the Jeseníky Mountains, that will attract on the first forest wellness in the Czech Republic.

Lesní Stráně aparthotel is located in a quiet place surrounded by forests, but at the same time in the immediate vicinity of the Ramzová ski area and a kilometer from the center of Ostružná village. Other popular centers of the Jeseníky Mountains are also within reach – Jeseník, Lipová, Dlouhé stráně, Velké Losiny, Hanušovice, etc. The complex will offer a range of services including a restaurant, bar, reception, lobby and the aforementioned forest wellness.

The intention of the architects was to break the barrier between the interior and exterior. This is achieved by a combination of extra-large balconies with a view of the Ostružná valley, large window portals, and the selection of floor surfaces in the common areas. In the interior, natural materials typical of the Jeseníky Mountains – wood and slate stone – are used. To make the stay more pleasant, a relaxation zone with play equipment, a picnic area and an outdoor barbecue zone will be created in the common space between the aparthotel buildings.


Project architects: Colllab studio, Studio Identity Design, Ateliér Krejčiříkovi
Services included: Reception, lobby, restaurant, bar, wellness
Planned start: 3Q 2022
Investment volume: CZK 288 million

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Ramzová – Ostružná (Jeseníky Mountains)
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Apartment hotel
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